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Grow your greens

Plug & Play grow systems for baby leaf, microgreens and sprouts.

At any desired location.

For restaurants, schools and urban farmers

Sustainable, educational and financily attractive

In a world with an ever increasing population demand for high quality and sustainably produced food  is on the rise. Farm land, water and energy resources, on the other hand, are becoming scarce. So time to think of new ways of food production!
Grow your greens designs and produces “urban farming” projects. It’s our job to think of systems that meet the requirements of these new circumstances.
Over the past years we have worked on a hydroponic system for growing herbs, microgreens, babyleaf and sprouts. One of the main caracteristics of this system is the re-use of water and use of energy efficient led grow lights.
At any location thinkable and at any scale desired the system can be set up. Wheter this is a restaurant’s kitchen, school cantine or shipping container.
This way your crops are directly grown where there’s demand. Valuable money is saved on transport, cooling and storage costs.
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Anywhere employable

Our system allows us to turn any location into a horticultural production unit. Wheter this is a restaurant’s kitchen, school cantine or shipping container.


Multi layer grow system

Maximum use is made of the space available with the multi layer and modulair extendable system. The hydroponic system can be extended to any scale desired.

Custom made light plan 

Over the past years we have gathered lots of experience and knowledge on growing under led lights. With the right partners and technology we are able to design the perfect light plan for the crops you want grow.

Grow your greens
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