Grow your greens

Plug & Play grow systems for wheat grass and sprouts.

It's time to grow your own

Fun, educative and deliciously fresh

Grow your own wheatgrass and sprouts

Grow your own wheatgrass and sprouts. Healthy,easy and fun.

Grow your greens goal is to give everybody the chance to grow their own “greens’’. Because we understand that not everybody has a green house, garden or even a balcony we have designed “stand alone’’ growing systems that can be placed anywhere at home or work. Not only are our grow systems simple to use and maintain, they have extemely high production rates. For this reason they are very suitable for use in restaurants, deli cafes, cantines, etc.
If you are interested in our products but you have your own ideas regarding size, style or production rates you can always contact us. We will listen closely and think together over the possibilities.


Fresher does not exist and that you taste straight away. The Sprouter is not only a grow cabinet for sprouts and wheatgrass but also a true eye catcher in a restaurant, juice bars or cantines. Your clients will be comforted that their wheatgrass shot is grown, harvested and pressed on location. The Sprouter wheatgrass growing cabinet is delivered plug & play and can be used straight away.



A shot freshly pressed wheatgrass tastes sweet and very refreshing. One shot of 30 ml contains just as many vitamins as 1kg vegatable or fruit. The Sprouter growing cabinet can deliver up to 70 shots of 30 ml per week. Wheatgrass can also be eaten as a sprout. The wheatgrass sprouts are ready to eat after three days and are delicious in salads.

Vegetable sprouts

Vegetable sprouts are the freshly germinated seeds of vegetables. All of the taste and nutrition value of the full grown plant are concentrated in the sprouts. Vegetable sprouts are really healthy and make for a really nice topping on sandwichs, soups and salads. Besides the well known sprouts such as alfalfa and crests there are many more vegetable seeds that are easy to sprout. Vegetable sprouts are decorative and a true taste sensation.


We have a selection of 17 types of sprouting seeds and wheatgrass seeds chosen for there suitabilty for growing in the Sprouter. All the seeds are chosen on the basis of sprouting strength and are controlled for EHEC and other pathogen bacteria. May you not be able to find your favourite  sprout, get in contact with us and we will do our best to add it to our range of sprouts.


Watch the Sprouter introduction video

To show you the possibilities and simplicity of the Sprouter we have made an introduction video.